Thick mother and child love - for the mother to start Rolex 179173G

Always want to buy a fake watches with the mother, the family also mother did not replica watch , and would like to be very ashamed ah. First of all, with the elderly to buy a watch should be with gold with a drill, it was extravagant (although very vulgar ha ha), and secondly, consider the brand is the higher awareness of the domestic Omega and Rolex. Choose Omega, because the father just a block of Omega Constellation 50 years, you can match the couple models, but the new constellation of the shape or did not let me accept, coupled with the female models are basically small quartz movement, was Pass off. Rolex has become the first choice, the elderly to the well-known, the movement is also very good and resistant to rough, I also recognized the quality of Rolex, with gold drill 179173 naturally become the target. April 16 to accompany his father and mother to swim in Hong Kong, thanks to the Wong Tai Sin, took the Avenue of Stars, looked at the Victoria Harbor and Golden Bauhinia Square, sat on the Star Ferry, boarded the Peak, visit the Harbor City and Causeway Bay, be Cursory, but also with the father and mother to Hong Kong roughly looked at. In the Harbor City, Guangdong Road, a shop with a mother try to wear a bit 179173, but also very nice, then the clerk must fight 95 fold, did not buy. April 19 to accompany the students once again into the harbor, directly in the harbor city for two days, the students would have to buy Staunton Dayton 85180, or Breguet's 7787, are out of stock, did not consider Patek Philippe, but met The 5296R-001, talk about the discount 10% off, did not hesitate to win. This shop also Acting Rolex, agreed to give me 10 fold, did not consider here to win 179173, the price is 77,600 Hong Kong dollars. Simple inspection, credit card, the old rules, with their own watch with a security card, box box mail.